• About Us

    Franklin Women is Australia’s only community for women working in health and medical research related careers.

    About Us

    About Us

    Franklin Women is Australia’s only community for women working in health and medical research related careers.



Franklin Women was founded by Melina Georgousakis. Melina is a medical research scientist by ‘profession’ who now works in the health science policy space. She is very passionate about promoting the amazing work done by those in the health and medical research field. Melina can’t stand the typical ‘scientist’ stereotype that still exists (think Einstein) and wants to spread the word that scientists are real people (including women – until you get to the top) with ‘ordinary’ lives. They are just working on some pretty extraordinary things!

You can learn more about Melina and her story in the first of the Franklin Woman blogs

Peer Advisory Committee

We currently have a small team who make up our Peer Advisory Committee, but are in the midst of growing so we can offer more initiatives and reach more women working in health and medical research, and related careers, in Australia. If you are interested in contributing to Franklin Women in some capacity, please be in touch.

Dr Magda Ellis; Research Fellow, Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology.

Dr Melina Georgousakis; Senior Research Fellow, National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance. Conjoint Lecturer, School of Public Health, University of Sydney.

Dr Anita Heywood; Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health & Community Medicine, University of New South Wales.

Dr Holly Seale; Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health & Community Medicine, University of New South Wales

Dr Devanshi Seth; Group Leader, Alcoholic Liver Disease, Chair, Gender Equity Program, Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology. Principal Scientist, Drug Health Services, Sydney South West Area Health Service. Clinical Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney. 

Amy Vassallo; PhD Candidate, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney. Research Assistant, Prevention Research Collaboration, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney.

Amy is also the curator of the Franklin Women newsletter. Want to contribute or just let her know how awesome it is? You can shoot her an email: amy@franklinwomen.com.au 

Roving Reporters

We are very lucky to have two talented health researchers with a passion for science communication who have taken on the role as our roving reporters. They are responsible for interviewing other women in diverse health and research careers for our blog. 

Dr Louise Randall – Louise heads up a research stream in human malaria in Melbourne and also is the mum of a very gorgeous little girl. You can see Louise’s research profile here.

Clare Watson – You can read about Clare’s career journey in the blog she has done for Franklin Women. You can also connect with Clare on twitter and share her passion for travel in another blog she has written here.

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