Choose your own adventure: Franklin Women on finding their careers outside of academia

Three years ago, Clare was one of the first contributors to the Franklin Women blog, speaking about her role as a research assistant and clinical trial coordinator. Now, she is launching into freelance writing. Recently, Clare has been writing for Australian Geographic and the University of Wollongong. She is also looking forward to speaking at the National Young Writers Festival in Newcastle later this month. As Franklin Women celebrates its third birthday, clare looks back at the stellar advice shared by leading ladies for the FW blog over the past 18 months.

Clare out in the field on a writing assignment visiting the wetlands in Sydney Olympic Park

Straight up, career pathways are not as simple as they appear on a professional CV, where one role is neatly lined up after another. But we can easily forget this when comparing ourselves to others on paper. There are career sidesteps, pauses, hops and let’s-see-where-this-leads opportunities. Reflecting on career crossroads, our Franklin Women have spoken honestly about times when family responsibilities, health or lifestyle considerations have factored into their decisions too – it’s always personal. More...