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    Franklin Women events are different. In our day-to-day jobs we have ample opportunities to hear from the successful men and women in our field. We want to bring you speakers and workshops that you don't normally have access to.

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Our events are all about broadening your networks and your skills, in a relaxed, fun environment (and will usually involve some great food!). If you’ve attended one of our recent events or you’re yet to attend and would like to see one of our events in action, you can find pictures and resources from each event by year, here. By logging into your account, members can also access resources from the event, such as presentation slides.

Breakfast: Conversations with Anne Kelso

Research Funding Outside the Box

Let’s Meet Networking Evening

Intensive Social Media Workshops


Conversations with Anne Kelso


We were off to a great start in 2016, with an inspirational speaker and an amazing venue for our first event of the year. We were very lucky to have Professor Anne Kelso share her career journey, from lab-based immunologist to CEO of the National Health and Medical Research Council, and the tips she picked up along the way. After her talk, Anne joined Melina for Q & A with the room full of women from diverse careers in the health and medical research field. The conversation was honest and inspirational as we all learnt from each others challenges and successes. It extended on to Twitter with the hashtag #FWAnneKelso which was trending that morning. If you want to pick up the highlights you can follow the Storify here. A huge thank you to the Australian Museum who provided their spectacular Wild Animal Exhibition as the venue for our breakfast afterwards. Where else would you want to network?

A big thank you to The Australian Museum and Photos by Tim Levy for partnering with us to deliver this amazing event. Unfortunately, in this instance, the presentation slides are not available.

Research funding outside the box


For our second event of 2016 we had six very wow guest speakers talk to a packed room of women in science on innovative ways to fund health and medical research projects. The three funding mechanisms covered were crowdfunding, philanthropy and industry partnerships. To get tips from both perspectives,  our guest speakers included researchers who had successfully acquired research funding through these mechanisms, but also the funder to shed light on what they look for when supporting research projects. The room was buzzing during Q and A time facilitated by Dr Magda Ellis, with two take homes standing out from the night: the importance of telling your story, both your personal story and that of your research; and that taking time to build relationships always pays off in the end.  We look forward to hearing the success stories….

Our speakers are below, some who have provided their slides for members. Please log in to view their presentations.

  • Rick Chen, Founder, Pozible (no slides available)
  • Dr Melanie Thomson, Lecturer, Deakin University (no slides available)
  • Lucy Jacka, Senior Manager Relationship Fundraising, Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • A/Prof Jennifer Byrne, Head, Children’s Cancer Research Unit, Kid’s Research Institute

  • Dr Andrea Forde, Medical Director Vaccines, GSK (no slides available)
  • Dr Anita Heywood, Senior Lecturer, University of NSW

A big thank you to Photos by Tim Levy for partnering with us to capture another wonderful event.



Let’s Meet Networking Evening


As this study reported, networking is just as important for those in research careers as in any other profession. However, many of us do not enjoy networking or when we do it, are not sure how to make it result in meaningful career connections. At this event we were very lucky to have professional Networking Strategist Julia Palmer  join us to explain that networking can be a learnt art and shared tips on how to do it well. It wasn’t long before the whole room was mingling with women working in diverse roles in the health and medical research sector connecting over good food and drinks. This is just what we are all about!

A big thank you to Bupa Health Foundation for partnering with us to deliver this event.

Intensive social media workshops


After the great talk she gave for us last year, we invited Michelle Gallaher from The Social Science back to facilitate two intensive social media workshops: one on Twitter and one on LinkedIn. While her first talk convinced us of the benefit of using social media in health and medical research careers, many of us still weren’t sure how to get started. In these hands-on workshops Michelle showed us how to set up our accounts right from the start, and then how to use them effectively – from promoting yourself and your research, to connecting with the ‘right’ people and also how to keep up with, and contribute to, current affairs in the field. You can follow the conversation on twitter using #FWSocial .


Michelle has prepared two useful ‘one-pagers’ on using Twitter and LinkedIn, to help us get going. Please log in to view these resources.



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