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    We believe investing in women working in the health sciences is important. Franklin Women will be launching scholarships intended to respond to barriers commonly cited by women in health and medical research careers.

Carer’s Travel Scholarship

The Franklin Women Carer’s Travel Scholarship is to assist health and medical researchers who have primary caring responsibilities by funding to costs of any additional care required while they present their research at an academic conference. As a social enterprise, the funds for this scholarship are raised through Franklin Women memberships.

Historically, this scholarship has provided financial support to researchers who are also the primary carer of one or more child under 6 years of age. In 2019 Franklin Women has expanded the eligibility criteria to include researchers who also assume unpaid caring responsibilities for family members who have a disability or chronic health condition.

Since 2015, eight recipients from around Australia have been awarded the scholarship providing assistance with financial and logistical challenges that come with managing personal and professional commitments. We hope expanding the scholarship will make this support accessible to more researchers allowing them to disseminate their findings and build career connections at a conference they might have otherwise found difficult to attend.

Scholarship Rounds

Franklin Women offers two scholarship rounds per year as detailed below. We accept applications where travel has occurred prior to award closing dates.

Note: Applications for 2020 will open soon. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Round 1: For conference travel before 30th June 2020. Applications open 17th of February 2020 and close Friday 27th of March 2020 (close of business).

Round 2: For conference travel between 1st July 2020 and 31st December 2020. Applications open 1st July 2020 and close Friday 7th of August 2020 (close of business).

Application Process

Details on the application process, scholarship eligibility and application form can be found via the links below.

2020 FW Scholarship Instructions to Applications

2020 FW Scholarship Application Form

Previous Recipients

2019 Recipient (Round 2) – Simran Kaur 

The Franklin Women Carer’s Travel scholarship will assist Simran Kaur, Phd student at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, to present her research at the Annual Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting in Texas, US. There she will be sharing her PhD resent on the genetics of rare diseases as well as visiting the labs of international collaborators.  The scholarship is going towards part of the costs of unpaid leave that Simran’s husband will be required to take to care for their son at home while she travels for this important career opportunity before submitting her PhD in 2020.

2019 Recipient (Round 1) – Dr Cheryl Carcel

The Franklin Women Carer’s Travel scholarship assisted Dr Cheryl Carcel, clinician-researcher and PhD scholar at The George Institute for Global Health, attend to the European Stroke Organisation Conference in Milan. There she will present two abstracts for her PhD research on the representation of women and reporting of sex differences in stroke clinical trials. She will also be attending a Women in Stroke Leadership pre-conference workshop and meeting international collaborators. The scholarship is going towards travel costs for her 2 year old daughter and partner, allowing Cheryl to make the most of the conference at such a critical stage in her career. 

2018 Recipient (Round 2) – Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly

The Franklin Women Carer’s Travel scholarship assisted Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly, Clinical Psychologist and Post-Doctoral Fellow at UNSW Medicine, travel to World Congress of Psycho-Oncology in Hong Kong. There she will present her research on end-of-life conversations with adolescents and young adults with cancer as well as meet with some of her international collaborators in person for the first time. The scholarship is going towards travel costs for her 4-month-old Felix and her mother as the helping hands.

2018 Recipient (Round 1) – Dr Belinda Di Bartolo 

The Franklin Women Carer’s Scholarship assisted Belinda with attending the Vascular Discovery: From Genes to Medicine in San Francisco.  At the conference Belinda presented to abstracts on her , as well as Early Career Researcher sessions every morning which range from round table discussions about various aspects of a scientific career to how to speed networking, in her capacity as member of the ATVB Early Career Council Committee.

2017 Recipient (Round 2) – Dr Sally Gainsbury

The Franklin Women Carer’s Travel Scholarship assisted Sally with attending the 5th annual Harm-Minimisation Conference – GambleAware. Sally was invited to give a keynote presentation on her research into the rise of internet gambling and its impact on young people. She also took part in a panel discussion as well as attended pre- and post-conference meetings with current and potential collaborators. 

2017 Recipient (Round 1) – Dr Premila Paiva

The Franklin Women Carer’s Travel Scholarship assisted Premila with attending the 13th World Congress for Endometriosis Research, the premier international conference for endometriosis research held every 3 years. At this conference, she presented her recent findings elucidating the potential mechanisms by which increased expression of the gene vezatin contributes to an increased risk of a woman developing endometriosis. She also visited the laboratory of her collaborator in San Francisco to seek out specialized methodological expertise for the setup of novel cell-based models in her laboratory in Melbourne.

2016 Recipient (Round 2) – Dr Elizabeth Hinde

The Franklin Women Carer’s Travel Scholarship assisted Liz with attending the ‘54th annual meeting of Biophysical Society of Japan. Liz presented a body of work she recently published in Nature Nanotechnology which uses cutting edge microscopy to map intracellular transport. Attending this conference comes at a pivotal point in her career which is also timed with her return from maternity leave.

2016 Recipient (Round 1) – Dr Ying Zhang

The Franklin Women Carer’s Travel Scholarship assissted Ying to attend the ‘Environment, Health and Sustainable Society’ conference in Japan, where she presented her own research findings as well as chairing a session on ‘heat and cold’ and a post-conference workshop for early career researchers. Her attendance at this conference is a keystone for progressing to the next stage of her career.

2015 Recipient – Dr Willa Huston

The Franklin Women Carer’s Travel Scholarship assisted Willa to attend the 2015 ESCCAR International Congress on Rickettsia and other Intracellular Bacteria, held in Switzerland by contributing to childcare costs while she is away. This is Willa’s first invitation to deliver a plenary lecture at an international conference and is a key aspect of her research track record, important for grant and fellowship applications, as it demonstrates that her scientific contributions are internationally recognised. 

You can connect with Willa on Twitter (@willaonthego)

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