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You can expect to see lots of different stuff in the monthly Franklin Women Newsletter, from the latest science to the achievements of our members. And because our lives don’t only revolve around science (OK, maybe sometimes) it will also have bits and pieces on food, health and life in general.

If you have done something great, travelled somewhere amazing or just have something to share, we would love to include it in one of our newsletters so please drop us a line to hello@franklinwomen.com.au

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Previous Newsletters

JUNE 2017 NEWSLETTER – amazing contributions from women in the field on their own careers, how gender impacts research outcomes and personal stories of understanding struggles others face with food access.

MAY 2017 NEWSLETTER – our upcoming event on innovation, engaging consumers in clinical trials and wicked women in science and literature!

APRIL 2017 NEWSLETTER – all about professional development relationships – how to get a mentor and what is a career coach and should you get one? Oh and our favourite food blogs, of course!

MARCH 2017 NEWSLETTER – career profile of a previous Eureka Awards finalist, the new Careers in Health magazine and Sarah’s side project writing children’s books. 

FEBRUARY 2017 NEWSLETTER –  putting the focus on wellbeing with tips on work-life integration before our next event and some ‘you-time’ inspo!

JANUARY 2017 NEWSLETTER – we are proud to launch or mentoring program and a new look ‘journal club’.

NOVEMBER 2016 NEWSLETTER – round 2 2016 Carer’s Travel Scholarship recipient, community engagement in research and Christmas gift inspo!

OCTOBER 2016 NEWSLETTER – our upcoming intensive social media workshops, melina’s top social media tips & our fav magazines.

SEPTEMBER 2016 NEWSLETTER– our 2 year anniversary edition! hooray. What we’ve done & what is next.

AUGUST 2016 NEWSLETTER – our upcoming networking event, presentation tips and axolotls of ofcourse!

JULY 2016 NEWSLETTER – leadership in academia & our fav national science week events (including ours!)

JUNE 2016 NEWSLETTER – Round 1 2016 Carer’s Travel Scholarship recipient, youngest FW member (baby Zoe) and our favourite reads.

MAY 2016 NEWSLETTER – our event on innovative research funding, advice on writing for The Conversation and all the tea inspo you need for winter!

APRIL 2016 NEWSLETTER – busting those Open Access myths, the right time to start a PhD and when art combines with science.

MARCH 2016 NEWSLETTER – funding to turn your research into an App and fit workplaces – oh yeah!

FEBRUARY 2016 NEWSLETTER – 1st event for 2016 with NHMRC CEO Prof Anne Kelso, The Eureka Awards and all our favorite podcasts.

JANUARY 2016 NEWSLETTER – 2016 Carer’s Travel Scholarship opens and resources for planning for a great year ahead!

NOVEMBER 2015 NEWSLETTER – grant tips from a recent NHMRC ECR Observer & Future Health Leaders conference.

OCTOBER 2015 NEWSLETTER – our upcoming writing workshop, tips for healthy ageing & HALLOWEEN!!

SEPTEMBER 2015 NEWSLETTER – birthday edition – we are one & are thanking everyone who got us here!

AUGUST 2015 NEWSLETTER – our mentoring breakfast event & our fav insta accounts (mainly ours!)

JULY 2015 NEWSLETTER – science communication themed in preparation for National Science Week!

JUNE 2015 NEWSLETTER – Sarah on her international research exchange & winter warmers..mmm

MAY 2015 NEWSLETTER – our upcoming event, why we love to knit & more!

APRIL 2015 NEWSLETTER – Chloe on blogging about her PhD & our blog with Professor Anne Kelso.


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